Design Engineering

Design engineering is about solving problems and offering improved alternatives to existing common practice. This is particularly important in business, where operating as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible is essential to ongoing success.

At NESC we pride ourselves in working with clients to understand their business and their specific challenges. Utilising our breadth of engineering expertise and creativity, we relish the challenge and opportunity of supporting our clients and solving their engineering problems.

NESC systematically approaches client problems, applying modern standards approaches to projects ranging from full system/plant design, through to resolution of individual component/equipment failure.

With engineering capabilities and experience across many disciplines, including Mechanical, Mechanical Handling, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation, Chemical/Process and Civil/Structural, NESC is well equipped to deliver against our client’s requirements.

At NESC, we are also extremely proficient in controlling, managing and undertaking design development and detailing, whilst being comfortable working to either our client’s preferences with respect to the supply chain, or implementing our own.