Ex-Armed Forces

Working for NESC

Nuclear Engineering and Safety Consultants (NESC Ltd) is a Nuclear Safety Engineering company with strong links to nuclear and engineering industries and in particular to Southern nuclear organisations. Knowledge of plant operation and maintenance and demonstration of knowledge and support of nuclear engineering processes is highly desirable.

NESC Ltd also has a client link to other consultancy services who branch out into almost all areas of the nuclear industry. This would give you an opportunity to experience working in a different type of nuclear environment.

At NESC, we understand the need to employ individuals who are highly organised, show excellent leadership capabilities and have the attitude to want to deliver to the highest standard. Ex-Armed Forces personnel demonstrate all of these qualities and are therefore highly desired.

Why us?

NESC strongly supports the transition from an Armed Forces background to a civilian working environment. Due to the nature of work at NESC, we work alongside large international corporations heavily involved in Armed Forces operations, including the likes of Rolls-Royce, BAE and Babcock. Working with companies allows for you to demonstrate your knowledge in a highly-regulated engineering environment. By excelling in your field, NESC will support your every-step in progressing through the company.

Having contracts throughout the UK could mean that there is a requirement to travel whilst you’re working at NESC. However, travelling isn’t the same as being in the Armed Forces. Travel should not extend into the weekend and all expenses are covered. Travelling for work related purposes is flexible and allows you a great work-life balance. As well as flexible travelling, there is the advantage of working in a professional team and still having the ability to make your own decisions.