Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Design engineering is about solving problems and offering improved alternatives to existing common practice.  This is particularly important in business, where it is essential that your business is operating as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible.

At NESC we pride ourselves in working with clients to understand their business and their specific challenges, to ensure we deliver a solution which complements their business.  This approach is relevant across the project scale, whether it be a full system/plant, or resolution of individual component/equipment failure.

NESC systematically approaches client problems, utilising our breath of engineering expertise and creativity, and relishes the variety and challenge of supporting our clients and solving their engineering problems.

Understanding our client’s business drivers, whilst applying our modern standards engineering expertise means NESC can deliver the most effective solution for our client.

The activities and processes involved in the project and specifically design lifecycle are typically core across all best practice design applications.  However, NESC recognises that individual organisations may employ more or less design stages to ensure their desired level of control is achieved.  NESC is comfortable applying and adapting our best practice design process to fit with our client’s project lifecycle. 

 Our key design capabilities include:

  • Concept Design – depending on the size of the project and how a client approaches design within the project lifecycle, this stage may not always be extensive.  Regardless of the size and formality, the activities involved are essential to the success of the project as they shape the project, and represent the most added value relative to expended effort.  Getting it wrong at this stage, can result in significant cost at latter project stages.
  • NESC are very experienced in working with clients, collaborating with all relevant stakeholders and understanding their needs, with a view to deriving, documenting and managing all project requirements, aspirations, assumptions and constraints, throughout the project.
  • Based on the ascertained requirements, aspirations, assumptions and constraints, NESC offer clients a targeted number of concept design options from which feasibility is fully assessed and the design can be developed.
  • Detailed Design – Although some organisations may have a stage before detailed design to consider several options, Detailed Design is where NESC would normally develop one frozen design to the position where it can be procured/built/installed.
  • At NESC, we are extremely proficient in controlling, managing and undertaking design development and detailing, being comfortable working to our client’s preferences with respect to the supply chain, or implementing our own.
  • Stakeholder collaboration and communication throughout our involvement with a client ensures we take the journey together and our client is fully conversant with the final solution upon delivery.