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Graduate Safety Engineer
Alex – Candid
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    I graduated from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2021, and most recently a postgraduate certificate in Offshore Renewable Energy Engineering in 2022. I joined NESC in September 2023, and I am currently working as a Graduate Safety Engineer. I have recently completed all my training, which has given me a greater understanding of nuclear safety, along with an appreciation of the various aspects of the nuclear industry. I am currently working on my first project, under the supervision of a NESC Safety Engineer. Transitioning to full time employment was not as a challenge as I thought it would be, mainly due to staying in Plymouth, and NESC has made me feel welcomed and valued, which further adds to the smooth transition.
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    I found the NESC website online and the role of Graduate Safety Engineer stood out to me. After reading about the role and what was required, I was eager to apply. Aspects from my degree taught me to think outside of the box, whilst also not trying to be overly complicated, and my time so far in the Royal Naval Reserves taught me how to process and digest information so that it can be presented to a team so that a plan to be developed. These are some of the skills I believe are transferable to the role of a Graduate Safety Engineer and I utilise them daily.