Nuclear Engineering & Safety Consultants
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Introduction to NESC

The company has been developed to improve the provision of high-quality nuclear design and safety engineering services, in addition to filling the demand for well-respected, qualified, and experienced personnel within the industry.

NESCs philosophy is to recruit, train, and retain engineers who have the necessary skills and qualifications, and who demonstrate the high-quality attributes, work ethic, and experience we expect to surpass our clients expectations.

We provide an unrivalled package to our clients by supporting our engineers with the necessary training, further qualifications, tools and guidance to ensure proactive delivery that meets our clients expectations.

We build on our existing success by working in harmony with many established organisations to promote successful deliverables and services.

Who are NESC?

NESC is a professional engineering company, specialising in high hazard and high consequence engineering and assurance.

Principally focused towards the nuclear industry, NESC is a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy, which thrives on tackling engineering challenges head on, in doing so, deriving logical and cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

Our understanding of safely operating a complex nuclear organisation and the associated regulatory expectations and challenges, gained from extensive operating experience, makes us ideally suited to confidently addressing client organisation’s engineering or operational concerns, or simply providing expert advice /assistance.

NESC are fully equipped to manage and undertake projects at our certified offices, or able to embed suitably qualified and experienced consultants into customer organisations, whether that be directly or indirectly. At NESC, we pride ourselves in our flexible approach to supporting clients. Whilst business management systems and operating practices are fully ISO9001 accredited, our team are also competent and comfortable integrating with client business management processes and deliverable templates as required.