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Senior Mechanical Engineer
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    Dan joined NESC as an Engineer 4 years ago, attaining promotion to Senior Engineer after gaining experience within multiple projects and continuing his university studies achieving his BEng(H) in Engineering Management. Currently his responsibilities within NESC include providing engineering and project management knowledge and experience to clients, and is currently utilising his submarine and engineering experience to directly influence the Future Submarines project.
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    Dan's area of expertise lays within the marine engineering arena, with an engineering background originating from over 12 years within the Royal Navy Submarine Service as a Marine Engineering Artificer. Since leaving the Royal Navy Dan has also worked within the rail industry and also as an engineering surveyor, giving varied exposure to several industries. His areas of interest at present are within the continued at sea deterrent of the Royal Navy submarine flotilla and also continuing to progress his project management experience. Looking to the future he eager to progress towards becoming a Principal engineer at NESC, whilst continuing to add value to both NESC and its clients.