Nuclear Engineering & Safety Consultants
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Senior Mechanical Engineer
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    Ian's role at NESC is a Senior Engineer, working alongside Babcock within Devonport Naval Base as part of the Ship Refit Complex Design Authority team overseeing the Safety Cases and the associated safe working practices that govern all classes of submarines during their deep maintenance packages. He also sits on the Reactor Test Group and Procedure Authorisation Group panels which are tasked with enabling the UKs CASD and SSN assets in deep maintenance are properly put through rigorous testing for delivery back to operational capability.
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    Ian came from a Naval background, spending 13 ½ years on Trafalgar class SSNs as a Marine Engineer rising to Cat-B watchkeeper status. On leaving the service, he spent a year in the Middle East working on a new class of OPV for the Saudi Border Guard before coming back to work with BAE on T45 Destroyers in detailed project planning prior to joining NESC. He is keenly interested in how things work and what makes them do so. His vision for the future is that of NESC growing from strength to strength!