Nuclear Engineering & Safety Consultants
  • 01752 875145
Programmes Director
  • What is your role at NESC?
    In this role Jack has ultimate governance and delivery responsibility for portfolio, programme and project management within NESC. He also sets and implements the strategic direction of the profession on behalf of our company. This includes innovative approaches to developing and managing programmes and projects, accreditation, training, tooling and applications. As a Fellow of the Association of Project Management (APM), he maps out the progression and continuous development of NESC staff to ensure he supports their development and contribution to the profession. Jacks primary expertise is in Programme and Project Management; however, he also specialised in Business Continuity, Sustainability and Continuous Improvement.
  • What is your career history?
    Jack's background is in engineering, the early part of his career was spent in the Armed Forces as a Combat Engineer. He has great interest and passion for mentoring and leadership development and in the future wants to continue to support the progressive development of our capabilities and people.