Nuclear Engineering & Safety Consultants
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Senior Safety Engineer
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    Katherine is a Senior Safety Engineer with NESC, having joined as a graduate fresh out of university. Her time is spent working on nuclear safety assessments for clients in support of site safety cases such as Urenco and Babcock, particular in the areas of deterministic safety assessment. Her role also involves providing support and guidance to graduates at the start of their own career path to becoming a safety consultant.
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    Katherine joined NESC after completing a master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Birmingham, she has always had a passion for the nuclear industry. In particular, an interest in applying safety assessment methodologies to ensure criticality safety. Since joining, NESC were able to equip Katherine with all of the essential skills to become a competent safety engineer through a comprehensive and enjoyable training programme and is now able to apply these skills in a fast-paced work environment. These skills, coupled with the experience she has gained working across diverse projects during her time here will aid application for chartership, which she hopes to complete in the next year.