Nuclear Engineering & Safety Consultants
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Nuclear Safety Director
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  • What is your role at NESC?
    Ryan Maguire is the Safety Director and is responsible for the quality of the output of the NESC Safety Team and for providing direction, and leadership. Ryan has broad experience over all areas of safety case development and his areas of expertise include deterministic safety assessment, management of the safety and design interface, and application and demonstration of the ALARP principle.
  • What is your career background?
    Ryan started his career as a nuclear safety consultant straight out of university, honing his skills and experience in client work for Babcock, AWE and Urenco as part of talented teams in nuclear safety consultancies. His interests are in solving problems for clients, with a pragmatic approach in the delivery of safety cases that provides operational flexibility without compromising safety. Ryan’s vision is an agile, diverse, multidisciplinary Safety Team where problems are shared and solved.