Nuclear Engineering & Safety Consultants
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Assurance Manager

  • What is your role at NESC?
    In his role as Engineering Manager for NESC Toby is responsible for the resource planning, training and supervision of the engineering department. This includes management of numerous engineering projects ensuring delivery to time, quality and cost for our customers. In addition, he is an Assistant Chief Engineer for SSBN Projects which involves technical oversight and support to the teams undertaking maintenance on the Nuclear Steam Raising Plant.
  • What is your career history?
    Toby has over 22 years’ experience as a Nuclear Submarine Engineer with 10 years’ experience of nuclear safety case production and managing safety cases post implementation. His professional interests include future submarine development, as well as future civilian reactors such as Small Modular Reactors and Fusion Reactors. In these fields Toby believes the experience within NESC can help our customers achieve their goals by focusing on our reputation for delivering quality on time and within budget.