24 June 2021

At the weekend, Alfie raced at Hawkstone Park, where he entered a faster group to gain experience. Alfie gave the following account of the competition:

“I was going to enter into the Clubman Adults Class, but I decided go in the faster group which was the British Amateur MX2 and learn from them. On Saturday, we had qualifying in the morning – I have never done a qualifying session like that, no time to look at the track just straight into who can do the fastest lap. This really didn’t suit me and so I qualified 15th for the weekend. A bit disappointed but knew I could race better, so I set myself an aim of getting a top 10 result by the end of the weekend.

“Overall, I managed to have a good weekend, bringing home 6th overall and a 5th position in one of the races! Unfortunately, I had a big crash on one of the jumps in the last race, leaving the bike a bit twisted and me with a very bruised arm. Nonetheless, I’m happy with my results – I have no injuries going into round 3 of my main championship this weekend at Warmingham Lane and I learnt a lot.”

Really well done, Alfie – a tough weekend racing in a faster group, but another set of excellent results.

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