03 October 2021

This weekend, Alfie competed in the 2021 Weston Beach race, where he entered the youth class for the final time

The weekend saw a different style of racing, with Saturday’s youth class race lasting 1h 30m and Sunday’s race continuing for 3h. Please continue reading for Alfie’s account of the weekend:

“I had a really good weekend at the 2021 Weston Beach Race. I decided to race both days as it was my last year to go in the youth class. So I raced the youth class on the Saturday on my new bike which was a 1 hour 30 minute race. We did 1 stop for fuel and goggles. The rain was torrential, and a big crash early on meant I was quite a way back but I kept pushing till the end and finished 5th place. So I was happy enough with that.

“Day 2 was the main race, so we swapped the wheels, gearing and big tank over to the spare bike and I rode that on Sunday. The main race had over 1000 riders and was 3 hours long. Due to never doing it before I was given race number 968 which meant I started last row. But, I had a really good 1st lap with no problems or crashes and managed to get up just inside the top 100. We made 2 pit stops for fuel and again with a lot of rain it was tough going but I’m really pleased to have finished 55th place. My aim was just to finish, I never thought I could be that high up. Top 100 gets seeded for next years event so I will be given race number 55 next year and start in 55th.

“I am really pleased with this result, having been my first year, one of the youngest riders out there and on a 250 as a lot are on 450s.”

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