April 2023


On 16th April I competed at the Dubrovnik European Cup in Croatia. I prepped well for the event and everything went smoothly, But unfortunately I did not get the result I had hoped for. I Fought an older and experienced Montenegrin player, and after 4 minutes of battling I lost by a Wazari. This was me out of the competition. There were still positives to take from this event, as it allowed me to continue to build my competition routine, including making weight and how I fuel myself to fight. There are also opportunities to learn from watching my fight back with my coaches, as it was a close fight and elements I could pull apart to know what to work on in the coming weeks.

Next up, I travel to Japan with the rest of Team GB for a duration of 7 weeks – departing the 11th may and return on the 29th June. Over the 7 weeks, I will train in 3 different cities, one of them being Tokyo where I will train at multiple training centres and will be pushed immensely. This is an amazing opportunity for me as Japan is the number one judo nation and the home of judo, with a huge volume of high quality training partners. This is also the longest time I would have spent outside of Britain in one go and on a training camp, which will also be an added challenge in itself. This will be a big training/learning block and then afterwards, I will be travelling to more competitions.

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