February 2024

‘The 27th February saw my return to International Competitions. I competed at the Visé, Belgium Open. This, although is not a world ranking event, is a very prestigious event. 

I felt good coming back from this injury, winning two fights and losing two fights, which unfortunately meant I did not medal this time round. There were 45 people in my weight category at this event, and having 4 fights on competition day is the valuable mat time and experience I needed for my first comp back. I’m Happy with the work I put in throughout rehab with this past injury, as I still feel one of the fittest on the mat both in training and competition, which is one of my strengths. This allows me to constantly push the pace of the fight.  After the competition, The team and I attended and OTC in Belgium (Olympic training Camp) for three days. OTC’s are camps that many nations attend, usually sending their top teams, to get randori against other players on the European and World Tour. I had a great time fighting against these players and earning my space amongst them.’ 


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