January 2024

‘The Team and I started off the year by travelling to Georgia and training for a duration of 10 days. Georgia has one of the top teams in the world, with a very aggressive style of fighting. I enjoyed my time training there, and it was my second time visiting. Personally my style of fighting is very effective against the Georgian style of judo as it is not too dissimilar. So this camp has been very beneficial for me as I feel I thrive in that environment.

We spent the first Week in Gori, and the second week in Tbilisi. They are both home to very successful Judo Clubs with multiple World, European and Olympic Champions. So much so, that the clubs have essentially become Georgia’s National training centres. 

A Highlight of the trip was fighting against Beka Gviniashvili, and doing so daily, giving me opportunities to fight against the worlds best. During his junior career, he was the most successful Junior athlete ever, and is now multiple Grand Slam Champion.’


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